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Zameer Jafri

December 24th, 1996|

Dawn Tuesday Review, 24-30 December, 1996

In the history of literature we find people who undergo expulsions, displacements or confinements for the sake of their inner voice. Usually, the perpetrator I a tyrant and the writer is the victim. Zameer Jafery’s is a similar case, albeit with a difference. The expulsion, displacement and confinement he has […]

Ik Larka Awara

December 17th, 1996|

‘8 Days a Week’, Dawn Tuesday Review, 17-26 December 1996

This is the first launch of EMI since the company’s return from its crisis. Tanveer Afridi, who has composed and sung the songs, displays a fine sensitivity for the eastern traditions of melody – even though the songs sound contemporary (as they very much are) there […]

Nisar Bazmi – On a song

October 29th, 1996|

Dawn Tuesday Review, October 29-November 4, 1996

Bazmi, Nisar. Born 1925, in Jalagaon near Bombay. Began working in C class and B class movies in 1944. Migrated to Pakistan in the early 1960s, and received instant recognition as a foremost film composer. Composed music for over 140 films altogether. Presently lives in Karachi, in a way […]

Mustansar Hussain Tarar – Profile

October 1st, 1996|

Herald, October 1996

If you meet him on the street and find him preoccupied with himself, don’t be too put off. What some may interpret as reticence is, in fact, just the other face of Mustansar Hussain Tarar’s professionalism. Although he became a writer without much deliberation, his decision to continue was a very well planned […]

Dr Mubarak Ali

August 27th, 1996|

This profile was published in Dawn Tuesday Review, 27 August – 2 September 1996. Since then, I have come upon reasons to question the facts cited by Dr. Mubarak Ali in support of the views expressed by him about Iqbal and Sir Syed (here as elsewhere in his writings), and have offered my humble disagreement […]

Pervez Malik – Light, camera, action

August 20th, 1996|

This article was first published in Dawn Tuesday Review, 20-26 August, 1996

Afternoon, March 16, 1966. Naz Cinema, Karachi. The scene opens on a night club. The atmosphere is lively with a band, drums and the guitar. Young couples are shown taking to the floor, gyrating to the Western music. The camera tilts right to show […]