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Women’s right to divorce in Islam

April 23rd, 1996|

Dawn, Tuesday Review, April 23-29, 1996

What I fail to understand about most writings on the legal rights of Pakistani Muslim women is silence on the right of divorcing one’s husband. No, I am not referring to Khula. I am referring to the woman’s right to say to her husband, “I divorce you,” and annul the […]

First Knight

April 23rd, 1996|

‘8 Days a Week’, Dawn Tuesday Review, 23-29 April 1996

The sexiest man of the sixties is back again. As is no longer unusual for him, he is appearing in a supporting role this time. Sean Connery plays an understated King Arthur against Richard Gere’s rash and robust Lancelot in the movie The First Knight.

“This is […]

A. Hameed – A dream merchant

April 16th, 1996|

Dawn, Tuesday Review, April 16-22, 1996

It is so difficult to write about A. Hameed. It is just as easy to hail him as the greatest romantic in Urdu literature as it would be appropriate to put him down as a pathetic hack-writer. He has written the best of fiction and he has written the worst of it. […]