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Dr Mubarak Ali

August 27th, 1996|

This profile was published in Dawn Tuesday Review, 27 August – 2 September 1996. Since then, I have come upon reasons to question the facts cited by Dr. Mubarak Ali in support of the views expressed by him about Iqbal and Sir Syed (here as elsewhere in his writings), and have offered my humble disagreement […]

Pervez Malik – Light, camera, action

August 20th, 1996|

This article was first published in Dawn Tuesday Review, 20-26 August, 1996

Afternoon, March 16, 1966. Naz Cinema, Karachi. The scene opens on a night club. The atmosphere is lively with a band, drums and the guitar. Young couples are shown taking to the floor, gyrating to the Western music. The camera tilts right to show […]

Fatima Surayya Bajiya – World lore

August 6th, 1996|

Dawn Tuesday Review, 6-12 August 1996

As I take out the cassette from my small tape recorder, thanking Bajiya for her time and cooperation, she asks me to keep from disclosing some of the things and keep them off the record – names of some people she had mentioned during her conversation. She had said nothing […]