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Zameer Jafri

December 24th, 1996|

Dawn Tuesday Review, 24-30 December, 1996

In the history of literature we find people who undergo expulsions, displacements or confinements for the sake of their inner voice. Usually, the perpetrator I a tyrant and the writer is the victim. Zameer Jafery’s is a similar case, albeit with a difference. The expulsion, displacement and confinement he has […]

Ik Larka Awara

December 17th, 1996|

‘8 Days a Week’, Dawn Tuesday Review, 17-26 December 1996

This is the first launch of EMI since the company’s return from its crisis. Tanveer Afridi, who has composed and sung the songs, displays a fine sensitivity for the eastern traditions of melody – even though the songs sound contemporary (as they very much are) there […]