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Men are from Mars, women are from Venus … no more

April 17th, 1997|

Dawn, The Review, sometime in April, 1997

“Jane behaved like a man.” Consider this sentence carefully. What does it mean? I put this question in my workshops, and the answer I usually get is: “Jane behaved wisely, bravely, rashly, firmly, boldly, confidently or she became self-reliant or she dressed up in a man’s attire.”

If you agree […]

Der Der Thokar Khaye

April 3rd, 1997|

‘8 Days a Week’, Dawn The Review, 3-9 April 1997

‘Rolling stone gathers no moss,’ right? The next time somebody asks this question don’t answer until you have finished the recently published autobiography of Dr. Mubarak Ali.

The prolific history writer has chosen a curious moment for writing the story of his life: at the end of […]