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Poetic Justice

December 31st, 1997|

Herald, sometime in 1997

Iqbal’s Reconstruction of Ijtehad
By Muhammad Khalid Masud
Publishers: Iqbal Academy Pakistan
and Islamic Research Institute

There are not many writers who could write a mere 26 pages of prose and inspire others to generate weighty volumes on them. Yet we can be sure that Iqbal is one such case. And here is the proof, as […]

A Concise History of the Muslim World

December 31st, 1997|

Dawn Sunday Magazine, sometime in 1997

Author: Muhammad Salahuddin
Publishers: International Islamic Publishers (Nov 1996)
Price: Rs. 110

Not entirely free of some common flaws that are trademark of college books in our society, this one is still a better choice due to its reader-friendly layout and refreshingly improved presentation. The present volume covers the Muslim history of Spain, […]

T. J. Roberts

December 1st, 1997|

Herald, sometime in 1997

Thomas Jones Roberts is acclaimed as an authority on the wildlife of Pakistan. His lifelong research on the subject has also produced such works as The Birds of Pakistan, the first complete account of the avifauna of Pakistan, and a landmark in the field of ornithology, and The Mammals of Pakistan, which […]