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Unveiling Jahangir

July 20th, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, July 20-26, 2000.

Prince Salim, the would-be emperor Jahangir, is being taken to the gallows for rebelling against his father, the emperor Akbar. He turns around to face a crowd that has gathered, not to see the bloodsport, but out of devotion to the noble prince. “Remember this as my dying wish,” the […]

The mystery of Alexander

July 13th, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, July 13-19, 2000

Alexander the Great can be singled out as a figure in human history who has inspired every generation in almost all regions of the world for twenty-three centuries without being founder of any religion. It can be said that each age has re-evaluated the meaning of Alexander’s life in order […]