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Akbar the Great

August 31st, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, sometime in 2000

He was raised like an orphan. Not that his parents were dead, but his father was in exile and the little infant was in the custody of its uncle. A merciless uncle he was, for he had wrung the infant, barely a few months old, from the hands of its […]


August 24th, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, August 24-30, 2000

Somewhere around 430 BC in Greece, a man in his mid-fifties completed a medium sized book on which he had been working all his life. The book was about the heroic struggle between his own people, the Greeks, and the mighty empire of the Persians. But this political story was […]

Analyzing Aristotle

August 10th, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, August 10-16, 2000

It would be erroneous to call anyone the father of all knowledge, but if such a title were to be given to a single person, it would have to be Aristotle.

This great old man of Greece lived more than 23 centuries ago, but his stamp can still be seen […]