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Shahjahan: the rigid ruler

September 21st, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, sometime in September 2000

If ever there was a man who lived by the dictates of mind completely ignoring the voice of his heart, it was the Mughal emperor Shahjahan. Ironically, he is best remembered as the lover who built the famous Taj Mahal for his sweetheart.

Shahjahan’s life is an interesting case study […]


September 14th, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, sometime in September 2000

Sharing a husband with seventeen other wives and several hundreds of slave girls is far from the romantic picture of an all-encompassing love that frames the portrait of Nurjahan in popular stories. However, the fact remains that she was indeed loved by her royal husband in ways unusual for […]


September 7th, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, September 7-13, 2000

‘What’s your sun sign?’ The answer to this question could decide one’s appointment to the civil services in the days of Humayun, if one is to believe the story that he organized his entire administration on astrological elements. According to this account, for instance, the officers belonging to water signs […]