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Muhammad Shah “Rangeela”

October 12th, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, sometime in October 2000

In 1719 two powerful nobles entered the Red Fort of Delhi and made their way to the presence of King Farrukh Siyar without permission. They accused the king of plotting against them, and he found himself without the power to remind them that he was the king. A few […]

Helen of Troy

October 5th, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, sometime in 2000

The face that launched a thousand ships may never have existed for all we know. There are no contemporary records of Helen of Troy, who is sometimes believed to have lived in Greece in the 13th century BC. Excavations at the site of the ancient Troy, now in modern Turkey, […]

Cleopatra – The doomed Pharaoh

October 5th, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, 5-11 October 2000

Half-Greek, half-Persian and all Egyptian, Cleopatra was a woman who asserted her authority in a man’s world on her own terms. Historians, mostly men, have rarely forgiven her for that, while the fascination she has held for generations is comparable to that of Alexander the Great.

A descendant of the Greek […]