In search of Iqbal

//In search of Iqbal

Who wants to be enlightened by Iqbal?

November 9th, 2012|

The Express Tribune, 9 November, 2012

Iqbal was on his way to the Third Round Table Conference, which was going to be held in London at the end of 1932. In Bombay, a representative of the Roznamah-e-Khilafat asked him on his position if the Hindu majority of British India accepted 13 out of the 14 points […]

The inevitable destination

November 4th, 2007|

Dawn Books & Authors, 4 November 2007

Pakistan has one of the richest foundational documents in the world. It is the presidential address delivered by Dr Sir Muhammad Iqbal at the annual session of the Muslim League in Allahabad in December 1930. So far the document has only been studied from the perspective of political science […]

Iqbal’s Relevance Today

November 9th, 2003|

Dawn Books & Authors, 9 November, 2003

Let’s be honest about this. A reference to Iqbal often generates sneers or boredom. So much for 56 years of celebrating Iqbal as the national poet — and celebrating him to death! Let’s approach the question with a fresh start: is he relevant today? Are his works worth the […]


November 1st, 2001|

This article was published in Hamsafar, the PIA magazine, in November – December 2001. I would now like to correct my proposition that according to Iqbal, a human being “is not complete without both the good and the evil”, or that as humans, “we have both the attributes of the Satan and God within ourselves.” […]

Iqbal: in search of man’s destiny

May 29th, 2001|

This article was published in Dawn The Review, 29 May – 4 April 2001, with the disclaimer: “This is an imaginary interview with Iqbal, but not entirely imagined – all quotes are from Stray Reflections, the notebook he kept with him in 1910, through the most turbulent period in the life of his mind. That […]

Divine Quartet: Iqbal’s Search for God

June 1st, 1998|

This article was published in Herald, June 1998, with the caption, “Muhammad Iqbal, the poet philosopher of the East, journeyed through at least four distinct phases in his experience of God.” In light of my subsequent research, I feel the need to revise many of the observations presented here, mainly because I feel that at […]