Latif Kapadia

June 3rd, 1999|

Dawn The Review, sometime in June 1999

There were better days. Karachi used to be a different city. Stage plays were in vogue and people from a cross-section of the society used to throng the auditoriums. That was the early 1950’s. And that is when Latif Kapadia started.

He was born on 27 March, 1935, in Nasik […]

Kamal Ahmed Rizvi – Man vs. Showman

May 6th, 1999|

Dawn Tuesday Review, 6-12 May 1999

It is hard to forget Allan, the most loveable conman of our television. The tall, lean character with a quizzical smile on his face, a new trick up his sleeve and, alas, an innocent stooge for his companion to upset all his schemes every week. Alif Noon went on air […]

Bajiya belongs to an endangered species

December 31st, 1998|

Zameen, sometime in 1998

Having imbibed the classical heritage of Indo-Muslim literature, Islamic history and puritanical etiquette on one hand and such profane interests as playwriting on the other, Fatima Surayya Bajiya is someone who is likely to find herself equally at home with the younger generation as well as the old. “I am more hopeful […]

T. J. Roberts

December 1st, 1997|

Herald, sometime in 1997

Thomas Jones Roberts is acclaimed as an authority on the wildlife of Pakistan. His lifelong research on the subject has also produced such works as The Birds of Pakistan, the first complete account of the avifauna of Pakistan, and a landmark in the field of ornithology, and The Mammals of Pakistan, which […]

Syed Afzal Hussain – Recording the past

July 1st, 1997|

Herald, July 1997

Syed Afzal Hussain, popularly known as ‘Shahji’ in film circles, is the most senior sound recordist in the the national industry. But few know that he is also the man who produced landmark films of Pakistani cinema like Lakhon Mein Aik and Naag Muni. Unlike others in the industry, Shahji’s unassuming personality belies his achievements. […]

Jilani Kamran – Profile

January 1st, 1997|

Herald (Annual), January 1997

The most important aspect of Jilani Kamran’s personality is his worldview. Here is a man who takes a positive pride in his religious identity – almost to the extent of chauvinism – and speaks the language of tolerance, love and Sufism. The combination is remarkable. Whether you speak to him or whether […]