Talat Husain – “Acting is a third-rate art”

May 28th, 1996|

Dawn Tuesday Review, 28 May – 3 Jun, 1996

If he were not an actor? I didn’t ask him the question because I wanted to get on with some serious topics: art cinema, Indo-Pakistani films, life, religion, society…

While he was rambling on about these subjects with the confidence of having perused a few thousand books at […]

A. Hameed – A dream merchant

April 16th, 1996|

Dawn, Tuesday Review, April 16-22, 1996

It is so difficult to write about A. Hameed. It is just as easy to hail him as the greatest romantic in Urdu literature as it would be appropriate to put him down as a pathetic hack-writer. He has written the best of fiction and he has written the worst of it. […]

Aslam Azhar – A dialogue with a Dervish

March 5th, 1996|

Dawn, Tuesday Review, March 5-11, 1996

If you ask me to describe Aslam Azhar in a single word, I would describe him as a ‘reader’. Not only because he is a reader of books but also because he is a reader of the signs of time. He has tried not only to read into the meaning […]

Dr Waheed Qureshi – The scholar gypsy

February 27th, 1996|

Dawn, Tuesday Review, February 27-March 4, 1996

Dr Qureshi evaded my request for his resume in a light vein. “There have been so many interviews about my life. Why not base this one on my thoughts alone?”

And which of his works would he consider to be the pinnacle of his thought, the best fruit of his […]

Sohail Rana – The unstrung hero

January 23rd, 1996|

Dawn, Tuesday Review, January 23-29, 1996

A few weeks back there was a musical programme arranged by some university students. The band on the stage was singing Kokokorina, and the unsuspecting crooner mixed up a couple of lines. I was amazed to see that not only did all the listeners begin hooting the performers, but they […]

Dr A. H. Dani – History in the remaking

January 2nd, 1996|

Dawn Tuesday Review, 2-8 January 1996

Professor A. H. Dani is a challenger. He revels in attacking the boundaries of knowledge and, quite often, he succeeds in stretching them beyond their existing domains. Not far from the beginnings of his career in archaeological research he questioned the long accepted notion of the historians of Alexander the […]