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Portrayal of women in the stories of Saadat Hasan Manto

May 13th, 1999|

Dawn, The Review, May 13-19, 1999

There seems to be no rest for the poor soul of Saadat Hasan Manto. While he was alive the conservatives held him in abuse for advocating women’s freedom. Now, in the so-called post-feminist age of literary criticism he seems to have become a popular target for energetic novices of criticism […]

Women in the Quran

July 24th, 1997|

Dawn, The Review, July 24-30, 1997

The female characters mentioned in the Quran are often looked upon as narrative tools in stories essentially centered around men. They are seldom listed and studied for their own sake: to check what kind of female images God has chosen to present before us.

Such a study, if carried out, should […]

Debunking myths

June 26th, 1997|

Dawn, The Review, Jun 26-Jul 2, 1997

It will perhaps be asked: religion, language and history belong to the domain of humanity, and therefore it is possible to look at them from men’s perspectives, women’s perspective or any other perspective. But how can you have more than one perspective about scientific truths, because science is, after […]

History, she wrote

May 15th, 1997|

Dawn, The Review, May 15-21, 1997

History is a record of events. But there is a trap. The events recorded in history have been recorded by men, since most of the historians were males, with a few rare exceptions such as Gulbadan Begum, the author of Humayun Nameh.

History has been written primarily for men, since more […]

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus … no more

April 17th, 1997|

Dawn, The Review, sometime in April, 1997

“Jane behaved like a man.” Consider this sentence carefully. What does it mean? I put this question in my workshops, and the answer I usually get is: “Jane behaved wisely, bravely, rashly, firmly, boldly, confidently or she became self-reliant or she dressed up in a man’s attire.”

If you agree […]

In religion’s wake

March 13th, 1997|

Dawn, The Review, March 13-19, 1997

Just as the communists saw religion as a dangerous tool for the exploitation of the masses, the feminists see it as an instrument of the patriarchy. Women who stand up for their rights are often confronted with arguments from the sacred beliefs of Islam, Christianity and Judaism to show that […]