Women Studies

//Women Studies

Liberty, equality, fraternity

February 3rd, 1997|

Dawn, Tuesday Review, February 3-9, 1997

Feminism is just as difficult to define as communism – perhaps more. While definitions abound in books, most feminists agree that feminism has got something to do with (a) a perception that the existing male-dominated society (patriarchy) oppresses women, and (b) a commitment to do something about it.

It is difficult […]

Women’s right to divorce in Islam

April 23rd, 1996|

Dawn, Tuesday Review, April 23-29, 1996

What I fail to understand about most writings on the legal rights of Pakistani Muslim women is silence on the right of divorcing one’s husband. No, I am not referring to Khula. I am referring to the woman’s right to say to her husband, “I divorce you,” and annul the […]

A woman’s Islam?

October 5th, 1993|

You; The News International. 1993

To rediscover the real image of Islam is the mission taken up by such modern women writers as Fatima Mernissi, Leila Ahmad and Rana Kabbani. It has been pointed out that Islam started as a revolution with special concern about the right of women and for the freedom of the human […]

Women as prophets in the Quran

June 1st, 1993|

You, Volume 3, No.22; The News International. 1993

A few months back an interesting opinion was published by the team of scholars who edit ‘Our dialogue’, the religious column in the Arab News . A reader had asked if any woman had been given prophethood by Allah. The editors replied without any qualms: “Many religious […]

Gender roles in education

May 11th, 1993|

You, Volume 3, No. 19, The News International. 1993

That our textbooks present only stereotypes where gender roles are concerned is an obvious fact. The sort of actions that male and female characters perform are always meant to assert the social superiority of one sex over the other e.g. fathers or brothers are always busy reading […]

Women and cinema in Pakistan

March 16th, 1993|

This article was originally published in The News International: You; Vol. 3; No. 11; 1993. It was my second article for a newspaper in English, and my first about cinema.

Since then, I have come across new data so that I do not think anymore that the movies discussed here are exclusively the products of male minds. I […]