Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das
Deshbandhu Chittaranjan DasPolitician, lawyer, poet


Chittaranjan Das (also C. R. Das) is widely remembered by the honorific given to him by his contemporaries, ‘Deshbandhu’ (‘the Patriot’ in Bangla). He was born in Bikrampur near Dhaka (now in Bangladesh) and died in Darjeeling (now in India).

He is relevant to Marghdeen because he offered the political principles compatible with the worldview of Iqbal, introduced the work of Mary Parker Follett to the audience in India and was committed to the dream of a ‘world federation’.

  • Offered political principles compatible with Iqbal’s concept of ‘khudi’ (selfhood)
  • Participated in the non-cooperation movement of Gandhi 1920-22 for liberating India from the British rule but disagreed on the questions of participation in elections and the minorities’ right to self-determination
  • Presided over the annual session of the All-India National Congress at Gaya in December 1922, and introduced The New State (1918) by Mary Parker Follett in his presidential address
  • Founded the Swaraj Party in British India
  • Engineered the ‘Bengal Pact’, conceding to the Muslims of Bengal all the rights they had been asking for and some more.

Once the truth is grasped that it is not possible for a nation to inflict a loss on another nation without at the same time inflicting a loss on itself, the problem of Humanity is solved.

C. R. Das, presidential address to the Indian National Congress held at Gaya, December 26, 1922