Iqbal: An Illustrated Biography (2006) was published by Iqbal Academy Pakistan and ran through several editions within a few years. It remains one of the most popular and critically acclaimed works on Iqbal. The author received the Presidential Iqbal Award – the most prestigious award in the field of Iqbal Studies – for writing this book.

  • Biography of Iqbal
  • Brief introductions to the events and people most relevant to his life and thought
  • Synopses of all published works and major uncollected writings
  • Extracts from collected writings and complete texts of several important masterpieces
  • Rare photographs and pictures, presented in a full-colour attractive format


Khurram Ali Shafique
Khurram Ali ShafiquePresidential Iqbal Award
Khurram Ali Shafique is the author of several books on Iqbal, including “Iqbal: an Illustrated Biography”, for which he received Presidential Iqbal Award, and the recently published “Iqbal: His Life and Our Times”. He has vast experience as an educationist. He is the founder of Marghdeen Learning Centre and is the pioneer of online courses in Iqbal Studies, which he has been conducting since May 2011.


By the author
Tracing the genesis of the legend of Iqbal from his funeral to the beginning of the twenty-first century
An overview of the intellectual legacy of Iqbal with some suggestions for the future
Detailed chronology of Iqbal listing the important events in his life

About the book

This volume was conceived both as a book as well as an exercise in visual art. One of the ways a piece of art greatly differs from a plain statement of facts is that it provides a virtual experience and stimulates feelings. The artistic aim of this book is to simulate a sense of consulting several resources instead of just one. Through juxtaposition of visuals and words, sometimes in an unusual manner, this volume seeks to create the impression of a well-equipped library where one can check cross-references or even take a break with entertaining diversions and then resume study.

Nearly all available pictures of Iqbal are also included here, some being printed for the first time. Also included are facsimiles from first drafts and manuscripts of his works.

The author acknowledges his debt to Mary Renault’s The Nature of Alexander, which served in some ways as a model for writing this biography.

How to purchase

The book is currently out of print.

Free download

The book can be downloaded for free from Iqbal Cyber Library. Please note that it is a heavy file and may take a while to open. Best option is to right click on the link and choose the option of “Save link as”.

Award-winning biography

The author received the Presidential Iqbal Award for this work.