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The emergence of a ‘new human being’

March 3rd, 2016|

Seminar, 3 March 2016

Some widespread beliefs of our times are being questioned here, such as the notion that we are living in an age of spiritual decline.

In this paper it is argued that it was no coincidence that between 1887 and 1946, the Indian Muslim community collectively adopted three successive goals and achieved each of […]

The “Apologists”

March 1st, 2008|

Iqbal Review, Volume 52, Number 2, 4. April, October 2011, pp.55-72

The following is the third chapter of a small book submitted to Iqbal Academy Pakistan in March 2008 as a draft requiring further improvement. Without my knowledge and permission, this chapter ended up as a research paper in the Academy’s journal Iqbal Review, and both […]

Iqbal in the mind of Europe

March 1st, 2008|

Iqbal Review, Volume 51, Number 2, 4. April, October 2010, pp.29-59

The following is part of a document submitted to Iqbal Academy Pakistan in March 2008 for publication as a small book, Iqbal in the Mind of Europe – an overview of the Western interpretations of Iqbal. It was supposed to undergo some further improvement but […]

The inevitable destination

November 4th, 2007|

Dawn Books & Authors, 4 November 2007

Pakistan has one of the richest foundational documents in the world. It is the presidential address delivered by Dr Sir Muhammad Iqbal at the annual session of the Muslim League in Allahabad in December 1930. So far the document has only been studied from the perspective of political science […]

New discoveries about the Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam

July 2nd, 2007|

Iqbal Review, Volume 48, Number 2, April 2007, pp.36-57

The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam is seen as a problematic writing of Iqbal. The reason may be that although much has been written about the book, it has never been subjected to a linguistic analysis. That is what I intend to do in this paper […]

Dr Mubarak Ali

August 27th, 1996|

This profile was published in Dawn Tuesday Review, 27 August – 2 September 1996. Since then, I have come upon reasons to question the facts cited by Dr. Mubarak Ali in support of the views expressed by him about Iqbal and Sir Syed (here as elsewhere in his writings), and have offered my humble disagreement […]