First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan

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Jinnah on the Congress demand for ‘Shariah’ rule

November 11th, 2018|

‘This is only a subterfuge on their part intended to mislead the Muslims…’
(Jinnah, 28 June 1947)

On 3 June 1947, the British Government announced its acceptance of the principle of federation suggested by the All-India Muslim League, i.e. two sovereign states should be formed in Indian subcontinent on the basis of the ‘agreed consent’ of the […]

The Objectives Resolution debates

August 19th, 2017|

The Objectives Resolution was presented in the first constituent assembly of Pakistan on 7 March 1949, and adopted on 12 March. These five days constituted the fifth session of the assembly, the proceedings of which are presented in The Constituent Assembly of Pakistan Debates, Official Report, Volume V, 1949 (7th to 12th March 1949). It was published […]