The Reconstruction as a commentary on Javid Nama

July 1st, 2007|

Iqbal Review, Volume 47, Number 4, October 2006, pp.42-45

The article offers a few observations on the relationship between two major works of Iqbal The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam (1930/34) and Javid Nama (1932) and explores the question as to whether Iqbal meant the Reconstruction to be a form of commentary on his major […]

Jilani Kamran – Profile

January 1st, 1997|

Herald (Annual), January 1997

The most important aspect of Jilani Kamran’s personality is his worldview. Here is a man who takes a positive pride in his religious identity – almost to the extent of chauvinism – and speaks the language of tolerance, love and Sufism. The combination is remarkable. Whether you speak to him or whether […]

Juan Elia – “Ideas lose vitality when personified”

January 3rd, 1995|

Dawn, Tuesday Review, 3-5 January 1995

Ghazal is more suited to express the complexities of the modern age than nazm and Mir Taqi Mir, by virtue of being more ancient, may be appreciated more by the present generation as compared to Ghalib who is some sixty years closer to our times.

It is very interesting, at times […]