“Javid Nama”

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Javid Nama (1932)

February 24th, 2017|

by Iqbal

Download PDF of first edition in Persian

Download abridged illustrated translation in English by Hina Tanvir (illustrations by Tabassum Khalid), edited by Khurram Ali Shafique & M. Suheyl Umar

Link for downloading PDF of English translation by A. J. Arberry and B. A. Dar

Marghdeen: complete description from Javid Nama

September 10th, 2016|

Here is a prose translation of Chapter 4, Javid Nama (1932), the epic poem of Iqbal in Persian. The chapter presented here comprises the complete description of Marghdeen, the ideal world of Iqbal. As I would like to explain elsewhere, it is possible to read this chapter as an allegory about a great positive change […]

Iqbal, Mary Parker Follett and C. R. Das

September 2nd, 2016|

In sync with the current of Iqbal’s thought was also the idea of ‘new democracy’, highlighted by such political thinkers as the American pioneer of management sciences, Mary Parker Follett and the great Bengali visionary Chittaranjan Das (C. R. Das).

Follett denounced Western democracy as ‘old democracy’, which sustained itself through a dichotomy between the government […]