Hakim Said: an obituary

February 1st, 1999|

Women in the Quran

July 24th, 1997|

Dawn, The Review, July 24-30, 1997

The female characters mentioned in the Quran are often looked upon as narrative tools in stories essentially centered around men. They are seldom listed and studied for their own sake: to check what kind of female images God has chosen to present before us.

Such a study, if carried out, should […]

In religion’s wake

March 13th, 1997|

Dawn, The Review, March 13-19, 1997

Just as the communists saw religion as a dangerous tool for the exploitation of the masses, the feminists see it as an instrument of the patriarchy. Women who stand up for their rights are often confronted with arguments from the sacred beliefs of Islam, Christianity and Judaism to show that […]

Fatima Surayya Bajiya – World lore

August 6th, 1996|

Dawn Tuesday Review, 6-12 August 1996

As I take out the cassette from my small tape recorder, thanking Bajiya for her time and cooperation, she asks me to keep from disclosing some of the things and keep them off the record – names of some people she had mentioned during her conversation. She had said nothing […]

Dr Waheed Qureshi – The scholar gypsy

February 27th, 1996|

Dawn, Tuesday Review, February 27-March 4, 1996

Dr Qureshi evaded my request for his resume in a light vein. “There have been so many interviews about my life. Why not base this one on my thoughts alone?”

And which of his works would he consider to be the pinnacle of his thought, the best fruit of his […]

Women as prophets in the Quran

June 1st, 1993|

You, Volume 3, No.22; The News International. 1993

A few months back an interesting opinion was published by the team of scholars who edit ‘Our dialogue’, the religious column in the Arab News . A reader had asked if any woman had been given prophethood by Allah. The editors replied without any qualms: “Many religious […]