Jinnah: The Case for Pakistan

Khurram Ali Shafique turns the standard view of Partition history on its head by highlighting the argument of Jinnah that the All-India Muslim League alone ought to be credited for paving the way for independence – not only for Pakistan, but of the entire Subcontinent.

Jinnah: The Case for Pakistan (2018) is published by Libredux, UK.

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One-India Fallacy

‘…and the so-called one India is only a means of British domination and British rule…’ Jinnah, Cairo, December 19, 1946 According to Jinnah, there never…
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Malignant Democracy

‘Western democracy is totally unsuited to India and its imposition on India is the disease in the body-politic.’ Jinnah, Time and Tide (London), February 1940…
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Aristocratic radicalism

‘That is where I am at variance with the Congress. They do not want the independence of India…’ Jinnah, Central Legislative Assembly, 19 November 1940…
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New destinies

‘Do you visualize that millions have been exploited and cannot get one meal a day! If that is the idea of Pakistan,  I would not…
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