Topline Social Studies Programme

Topline Social Studies Programme (2003-2012) is a set of eight books, respectively meant as textbooks for grades 1 to 8 in Pakistan. Published by Topline Publishers, Karachi, it is a thoroughly revised edition of the author’s earlier series of the same title. The books are meant to be more than textbooks: they incorporate much of the author’s original research about history and social sciences in the light of Iqbal Studies, and serve as an accessible introduction to some of the ideas presented by him in a more advanced form in his works for the grown up audience.

The books are available from many bookstores in Pakistan. For further information, please contact the publishers:

Topline Publishers, Office No. 03, Bright Corner, Opposite Askari Park of University Road, Karachi.

Phones: (Office) +92-21-3493-7440 (Mobile) +92-321-916-6661 (Mobile) +92-300-224-2713