Jinnah: The True Story is a non-commercial presentation, which has been made possible due to support from concerned Pakistanis. The following is a list of those supporters.

Allied Marketing

Allied Marketing Pvt Ltd is the partner with Marghdeen in presenting Jinnah: The True Story. It is a well-established full service Marketing and Distribution Company with more than 120 years of history during which it nurtured its products through the First World War, survived the 1930 All-India boycott of British goods, overturned the Congress attempts to ruin the economy, provided emergency distribution service during the Second World War, and has served the people of Pakistan since 1947.

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Libredux is the online hub of Saleena Karim, a leading authority on Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and best known for her ground breaking bestseller, Secular Jinnah and Pakistan: What the Nation Doesn’t Know. Her other writings include the visionary science fiction, Systems.

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Musarat Jamal Khurshid Trust

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Topline Publishers

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Nayyer Sultana

Nayyer Sultana is an educationist, a passionate learner and a concerned citizen. She has been an Extra Assistant Director with Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd and a principal with Allied Schools (a project of Punjab Group of Colleges). She is currently a volunteer with the Association of Business Professional and Agricultural Women (ABP&AW).

Ahmad Safi

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Raazia Attique

Raazia Attique is a civil engineer and a climate change researcher by profession. She is passionate about the works of Iqbal and Jinnah. She is also supervising the online promotion of the film Jinnah: The True Story, and managing the development of an archive of Jinnah’s speeches at

Kanwal Zubair

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M. Suheyl Umar

Muhammad Suheyl Umar is a former director of Iqbal Academy Pakistan. As one of the most reputable authorities on Eastern philosophy in our times, he has been associated with several international projects and has many publications to his credit.

Pervaiz Kausar

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Asif Saeed

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Razia Ahmed

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