Online courses

Marghdeen started on 29 May, 2011, as the first platform to offer an online course in Iqbal Studies. So far, it has offered 21 unique courses, designed and conducted by Khurram Ali Shafique. Some of these have been offered in association with other organizations including Iqbal Academy Pakistan and Topline Publishers.

Online courses offered so far

  1. Introduction to Iqbal Studies
  2. Self-Development through Iqbal: Javid Nama
  3. The DNA of History
  4. The Art of Joseph
  5. The Wisdom of Moses
  6. The Secret Cinema of Marghdeen
  7. Biological Unity
  8. The New Method
  9. The Republic of Rumi
  10. Thinking with the Soul: The New Garden of Mysteries
  11. Pakistan Studies: Creating with the Soul
  12. Quran and Iqbal: an Introduction
  13. The Ten Commandments of Pakistan
  14. Stories from the Quran
  15. Finding Joseph
  16. The Principles of Politics in the Quran
  17. Thinking in the Light of the Quran
  18. The Conceptual Framework of Iqbal
  19. The Quran and the Enlightenment
  20. Zulqarnayn: the ideal ruler according to the Quran
  21. Be the Leader You Need

Workshops for general audiences

The untold story of Pakistan

The forgotten truths about the making of Pakistan, which can change the future of South Asia and show every citizen a way for shaping our collective destiny.

Iqbal: his work, thought and our times

Introducing the many facets of the work of Iqbal, their impact and relevance.

Introducing The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam

Covering the basic points of the book and some key passages – mostly from a practical point of view

Javid Nama

An introduction for everyone


Using the mysteries of Attar for self-development

Dancing with Rumi

The mainstream Pakistani cinema in the light of Iqbal Studies

Inside the Mind of Waheed Murad

A journey into your soul


A talk & book signing by the author

Islam and the Enlightenment: the forgotten dimension of the modern world

Exploring the first postulate of Iqbal’s conceptual framework, i.e. the common worldview of Islam and the modern West. Rejecting the ideas that later became the basis of such myths as the clash of civilizations, Iqbal observed that the intellectual culture of the modern West is “a further development of some of the earlier stages of Islam”. This course involves an in-depth study of some key passages from the pioneers of European Enlightenment in the light of Iqbal’s interpretation of the Quran, in order to discover some practical solutions for our times.

Workshops for teachers and school administrators

How and how not to have activity-based learning

  • A 4-hour workshop for school teachers and administrators on the do’s and don’ts of activity-based learning, and some easy tips for developing text-based activities

Pakistan for the leaders of tomorrow

Covering the story of the making of Pakistan from the point of view of its creators, with the aim of developing in the students a sense of belonging to and ownership of the country

The DNA of History

This workshop gives you a few basic tips about history that can help grasp the content of this subject, teach it effectively and relate it easily to your own life. The participants do not require previous knowledge of the subject.