Iqbal: His Life and Our Times

Iqbal: His Life and Our Times (2014) was published simultaneously in two editions. The UK-US edition was published by Libredux, UK, while a general edition was published by the Cultural Institute of ECO (Tehran) and Iqbal Academy Pakistan. Since the ECO (Economic Cooperation Organization) is an organization of ten member states, this is a biography of Iqbal to be presented jointly by the governments of ten independent states: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

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Introduction by Iftikhar Arif, Director ECI, and Muhammad Suheyl Umar, Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan

Introducing “Marghdeen”, the ideal world of Iqbal and the early years of his life from 1877 to 1886.

Chapter 1: Inquiry, 1887-1906

  • The early development of the creative genius of Iqbal against the backdrop of a community which had adopted the achievement of nationhood as its collective goal.

Chapter 2: Discovery, 1907-26

  • Iqbal develops a new framework for understanding the world from the perspective of the Quran while the Indian Muslim community strives for securing its existence.

Chapter 3: Transcendence, 1927-46

  • Iqbal becomes a practicing politician, showing the way to his people, who continue to pursue his vision even after his death in 1938. The book ends by showing that the conditions for establishing Marghdeen, the ideal world of Iqbal, were fulfilled by his people eight years after his death.

Chronology and References

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Libredux UK includes this volume in the series, Visionaries for Our Times, which also includes Waheed Murad: His Life and Our Times (2015) and Cyrus the Great: His Life and Our Times (expected 2016).