Feelings about “The Untold Story of Pakistan”

“How are you feeling?” This question is asked at the end of each session of the course, “The Untold Story of Pakistan“. The following are the answers from the participants.

Behbud, November 2019

The course was offered at Behbud Learning Resource Centre in November 2019. It was divided into three sessions, respectively covering the periods (1) up to 1946, (2) from 1947 to 1986, and (3) 1987 to 2026. The following is the feedback given by the participants at the end of each session.

Session 1: Up to 1946

Good! At ‘Agree’ point.

Very hopeful about today and tomorrow. Personally, was looking for an anchor to my history so that I can be part of the Nation’s future. Found the session very enlightening.

Enlightened and looking forward to the next session.

Very motivated.

Very good, very sad.

Happy! We are a great nation. Unhappy! The younger people know little of our history because our education system has not been honest.


Good. I learnt quite a lot of new information that I want to investigate about further on Google, etc.



This session has been very important to me.

Enlightened. A paradigm shift regarding Pakistan. Curiosity to find more. Also a respect for our country.

Definitely more enlightened.

Emotionally touched to the feeling of the Muslims who dreamt about Pakistan and gave us this beautiful country.

A little inspired!

I found out that we are on the path our leader showed us.

Self-reflection – where did we forget or why did we not take any responsibility to know the hidden truths of our history? Enlightened and positive.

I’m interested to learn more. I feel inspired. But also confused. The “GOAL” of the course seems unachievable – unless there is a great spiritual secret yet to be shared with us.

Not entirely convinced. But would really like to be agreeing to the idea proposed in this workshop.

I am in an analysing state about my feelings for Pakistan. Confused, I think.

Apprehensive. Curious.

Session 2: 1947-1986

Actually, only the period till 1986 could be covered in this session. The period from 1987 onward will be covered in the next session, along with action points. The following feelings are based on the content from 1947-1986.



More responsible.


Extremely interested to know more.

There is a lot of stuff that I need to read. Re-reading with the stuff I learnt in this workshop will give me a newer perspective on the history.

I feel very inadequate for not knowing, learning and being informed about the history of Pakistan. I have never made an effort on my own to learn about what happened in the Past.

Workshops like this one and other such methods can help us better understand what we read. Therefore, I feel that we must bring some changes in our education.

Very good. It was convincing to witness that we have achieved our common goals till 1986.

Good. Hopeful.



Sad about partition and East Pakistan.

A bit lost. What I cannot figure out is what happened in three years (1967-1970) that such hatred got generated in three years that common goals and ideology that we shared were shattered.

Confused. I need time for reflection. The content is very interesting! But I need to process everything.

I like it when our current Prime Minister talks about deen [religion] and not just the economy. But I feel Pakistan needs to head in the direction where we talk more about the Quran and the next life. That’s how we will be a real ideological and spiritual nation.

Session 3: 1987-2026

I am feeling mesmerized.

In a daze. My role in achieving ‘Khudi’???

Enlightened, inspired and motivated.

Energized and hopeful!

Good, inspired but a little overwhelmed.

Driven to find more of our history. Fascinated that I am a part of our history. Desire to become more of a contributing member.

Unlearn-relearn and apply to move forward. Driven towards achieving the goals as an individual but collective nation: ہر فرد ہے ملت کے مقدر کا ستارا

Very hopeful, and I feel that we all are part of a whole. Endlessly discussing the problems is not getting us anywhere so we must move towards solutions and taking ownership.

In the words of Iqbal from his poem ‘Hamdardi’:

اللّٰہ نے دی ہے مجھکو مشعل
چمکا کے مجھے دیا بنایا

Hopeful. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

More curious than ever.

This session has left me with many questions which I will explore and share. Very thought provoking.

A need to compute all the information and perspectives.

Mixed feelings at the moment.

Honestly – SCARED! Maybe 2026 will see a serious reason for grief. I don’t feel I can possibly FORESEE that Pakistanis are prepared for it. I’m also feeling skeptical (though I usually don’t). I need to decide how much of the ideas presented are believable.

Pakistan is a spiritual nation. I believe its economic growth is awaiting for “spirituality” to take the lead. An important aspect of spirituality which we are discussing today is “Insan Sazi”. We can dwell on this subject by collectively studying Quran as a group.

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