Indian National Congress

Jinnah on the Congress demand for ‘Shariah’ rule

‘This is only a subterfuge on their part intended to mislead the Muslims…’ (Jinnah, 28 June 1947) On 3 June 1947, the British Government announced its acceptance of the principle of federation as suggested by the All-India Muslim League, i.e. two sovereign states should be formed in the Indian subcontinent on the basis of the …

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Mortal Empire, Immortal League

‘… the quickest way to achieve India’s freedom is by the acceptance of the Pakistan scheme …’ (Jinnah, Bombay, 9 August 1942) The third, and the most crucial point in Jinnah’s argument was that by demanding the partition of India on an equitable basis, the Indian Muslims demolished both pillars of British imperialism, and they …

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Malignant Democracy

‘Western democracy is totally unsuited to India and its imposition on India is the disease in the body-politic.’ Jinnah, Time and Tide (London), February 1940 As already mentioned, Jinnah believed that Western democracy was the second pillar of British imperialism (by Western democracy, he meant the form of constitution ‘under which the government of the …

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