Stray Reflections


Stray Reflections: the Private Notebook of Muhammad Iqbal (2006) was the third edition of the notebook which was originally edited and published by Dr. Javid Iqbal in 1962. This is a revised edition with thorough annotations by Khurram Ali Shafique, with special permission from the original editor. It was published by Iqbal Academy Pakistan and ran through several editions within a few years. It remains one of the most popular and critically acclaimed publications on the subject.

The interior was designed and laid out by Shafique. Cover design was done by Kanwar Schahzeb.

  • Private notebook of Iqbal
  • Originally edited by Dr. Javid Iqbal in 1962

  • Extensive annotations from Khurram Ali Shafique
  • Includes facsimile of the complete original notebook


Khurram Ali Shafique
Khurram Ali ShafiquePresidential Iqbal Award
Khurram Ali Shafique is the author of several books on Iqbal, including “Iqbal: an Illustrated Biography”, for which he received Presidential Iqbal Award, and the recently published “Iqbal: His Life and Our Times”. He has vast experience as an educationist. He is the founder of Marghdeen Learning Centre and is the pioneer of online courses in Iqbal Studies, which he has been conducting since May 2011.


By Khurram Ali Shafique
The private notebook comprising of 125 entries
Published in New Era, Lucknow, in 1917
Published in 1925
Being the “Introduction” to the first edition of 1962
Facsimiles of the complete original notebook in Iqbal’s hand
Index of proper names and subjects

About the book

Khurram Ali Shafique writes in the note on this edition:

In revising this third edition with the permission of Dr. Javid Iqbal, I have retained the previous editions – Dr. Javid Iqbal’s scholarly Introduction (included here as the ‘Afterword’), and the numbered headings to the entries.

Eleven later ‘Stray Thoughts,’ ten of which were discovered by Afzal Haq Qarshi in 1983 (See Appendix) were added to the second edition and have been retained here but form separate sections. Some longer writings of Iqbal, unrelated to the notebook or reflections, were included in the second edition but are now being removed on the advice of the Editor. These may be found in other anthologies where they properly belong.

While revising this notebook I observed that many entries were incorporated into ‘The Muslim Community,’ a lecture that Iqbal delivered at the MAO College, Aligarh, in December the same year. I have marked the comparisons between the entries and the identical or similar passages from the lecture in the footnotes of this edition.

Since Iqbal revised some of the reflections for publication in the New Era, Lucknow, in 1917, such revisions have also been identified in the footnotes to the present edition.

While annotating this edition I have restricted myself to textual and basic clarifications only. All such notes are suffixed with my initials to differentiate them from the editorial material of the distinguished Editor.

The suggestions and input provided by Mr. Suheyl Umar (Director, Iqbal Academy Pakistan) and the renowned Iqbal scholars Dr. Rafiuddin Hashmi, Dr. Tehseen Firaqi and M. Akram Chughtai are gratefully acknowledged.

I am also grateful to Dr. Javid Iqbal for giving permission for the current revision. It is a matter of personal honour for me to be assisting him in this important national task.

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The book is available from bookstores in Pakistan.

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The book can be downloaded for free from Iqbal Cyber Library. Please note that it is a heavy file and may take a while to open. Best option is to right click on the link and choose the option of “Save link as”.

The private notebook of Allama Iqbal

A must-read for anyone interested in the subject