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The international edition of How Jinnah Liberated India was uploaded on Amazon on 12 December 2022, and got approved within a couple of days. The following announcement was sent out by the publisher Ms Saleena Karim in her newsletter on 16 December 2022.

Hello folks,

I’m pleased – no, honoured – to announce a new publication from the pen of renowned Iqbal scholar Khurram Ali Shafique, and published simultaneously by Libredux (UK) and Topline Publishers (Pakistan). He is the only writer in Pakistan’s history who has received the Presidential Iqbal Award no fewer than three times, and one of those titles (Iqbal: His Life and Our Times) was published by our very own Libredux Publishing. 

The title of this book, How Jinnah Liberated India, is self-explanatory (and the blurb is reproduced at the end of this email). In short, Mr Shafique argues that the credit for freeing the whole Subcontinent – not just Pakistan, but the rest of India too – correctly belongs to Quaid-i-Azam M.A. Jinnah.

I do not exaggerate when I say everyone needs to read this book. Much like my SJ2, at its heart is a story of lost collective memories, the essence of the Nation. Until we remember the truth about the past, we cannot move into the future. This is a fact shown repeatedly in history. Somewhere along the way of Pakistan’s story, scholarship wrote and promoted what is now known as “revisionist” history. They did so by taking propaganda material from the Congress and rehashing it as fact. An open declaration that they were rewriting the real history, literally using fake news of the period. And so today, in response, I declare that it is time for the revisionists to step aside, and for the reversionists to command the stage.

This book is only 112 pages long, and is an easy read. Dry too – but in the witty sense, not in the academic sense. Available in paperback and on Kindle at Amazon. 

Get it now!

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From the blurb:

This book was written to prove a single historical truth. The credit for freeing the entire Indian Subcontinent from British rule goes to the Muslim League leader, M.A. Jinnah.

At the time of the events leading to Partition, this was an accepted fact among his followers. As preposterous as it sounds, it was the Indian National Congress, and not the Muslim League, that stood in the way of independence. Only later was this reality distorted, and history rewritten.

Khurram Ali Shafique backs his single argument with formidable evidence, and in a style that is short, witty and accessible for all readers, the expert and the curious alike.

Available in paperback and on Kindle at Amazon.

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