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Alexander’s epic journey

July 17th, 2005|

Dawn Images, July 17, 2005.

Alexander the Great is the only person to have inspired every single generation for 23 centuries without being a founder of any religion. His is perhaps also the only name to be found among so many different religions and nationalities.

Therefore, it seems strange that no great playwright has attempted to present […]


September 7th, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, September 7-13, 2000

‘What’s your sun sign?’ The answer to this question could decide one’s appointment to the civil services in the days of Humayun, if one is to believe the story that he organized his entire administration on astrological elements. According to this account, for instance, the officers belonging to water signs […]

The mystery of Alexander

July 13th, 2000|

Dawn, The Review, July 13-19, 2000

Alexander the Great can be singled out as a figure in human history who has inspired every generation in almost all regions of the world for twenty-three centuries without being founder of any religion. It can be said that each age has re-evaluated the meaning of Alexander’s life in order […]